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Empowering students to save lives, and an opportunity to advance their careers.

Career guidance (V-CAREERS)

Empowering students to excel by offering tailored educational pathways, skill development, and personalized career strategies. Students or groups can reach to us  individually for private sessions of either career guidance or pre-employment preparation or any of our services.

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for enabling students excel

We offer a holistic range of services, including first aid training, health assessment, and career guidance, to empower individuals with life-saving skills, well-being insights, and career advancement opportunities.

Career Guidance

Assessment Tools

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For students in Institutions of Higher Learning.

Career Guidance Assessment for Student Needs

For students in Primary and secondary schools.



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School health assessment

Providing comprehensive and data-driven evaluations of students' physical and mental well-being to promote a healthy and conducive learning environment.

First aid training.

Offering essential life-saving skills and knowledge to students, equipping them to respond effectively in emergencies and potentially save lives.